Young Japanese women prefer to date older guys

According to the latest Japanese survey, middle aged men in their 40s are enjoying great popularity amongst younger Japanese women, with some 40% of hot Japanese babes preferring older men whilst 20% of these only being interested in men at least 10 years older than them and 38.2% wanted older men up to 9 years their senior.  About a quarter of the women surveyed (26.5%)  did not have any preference regarding age.

When asked about actual dating experience, 48.4% of young women had dated older men, whilst 60.4% of men in their forties reported experience dating younger women.

Commentators  speculate several reasons such as  1) the “manly aura” of  older men as compared to the effete younger generations 2) the Japanese pay structure vastly favors older men and since women start becoming conscious of marriage after the age of 25 they start to become realistic about romance and having a family.

Confirm if this survey is true….ask a young Japanese babe at our friends community here.

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7 Responses to “Young Japanese women prefer to date older guys”

  1. Rx Says:

    Yup read about this last year about older guys getting it in with hotter, younger Japanese girls. I really don’t care. Younger guys have more of a selection with the hottest girls before the older guys get them because they go to school with them or hang out in the clubs. And younger guys nowadays are too busy playing video games, working, innovating stuff. It just shows how tired many females are. They barely have any energy after working so hard I guess. Maybe they should stay at home if they want to date younger man but if they want old dudes that’s cool.

  2. Kafkaesque! Says:

    That’s very interesting and I didn’t hesitate to tweet it :)

  3. edison Says:

    that’s a good “dating in Japan” tip!

  4. risa Says:

    in every culture, younger girls prefer older guys

  5. shingo Says:

    Most of my colleagues are married to younger women, I think its the norm

  6. What Women Really Want Says:

    It’s interesting to read about what women actually think and what they want. Such complicated creatures, but I guess as humans we all are looking for the same things…Thanks for a helpful site!

  7. Fisky Shareef Says:

    This is the best information about Young Japanese dating

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