Watch Japanese TV streamed live for free

Learning Japanese?  Miss living in Japan?  Want to see the latest Japanese TV shows?

Wish you could watch Japanese TV live, streamed right to your desktop for free?   Your prayers have been answered.  There’s Keyhole TV which works well but has a small screen or you can use Microsoft Media Player to view live TV via MMS streaming links listed here.

On both sites you can popular channels such as  TV Tokyo, TBS, Fuji TV, TV Asahi, NTV, YTV, MBS, TV Osaka, NHK, WOWOW and more.  Watch all your favorite  J-dorama’s, Jpop, wacky game shows, innovative kids tv, Japanese TV commercials, anime and otaku shows and late night TV shows.


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11 Responses to “Watch Japanese TV streamed live for free”

  1. james Says:

    Thanks Japansugoi for info on Japanese TV sites! Only problem now is getting a program listing and time zones!

  2. sven Says:

    I’ve tried keyhole TV, its not bad but yeah the screen is too small

  3. sven Says:

    For the MMS streaming, use Microsoft windows media player to play it. Its a large screen and depending on the quality of the stream and bandwidth its pretty good.

  4. hokky Says:

    my fave TV station is TBS! Best j-doramas

  5. e-jump Says:

    thank you ultramans

  6. Rick Says:

    Hi guys,

    Here is JTV.

    And listings in English.

    The more popular this gets the more laggy it gets.

    I am trying my best,


  7. Steve Says:

    Thank you! I knew some Japanese TV was on the internet, but never knew quite where to look.

  8. Dan Ryan Says:

    Excellent post, thanks!! I’m having fun with Keyhole TV already.

  9. gareth Says:

    Hi everybody

    Can someone please tell me how to get the mms streams to work?

    I have tried clicking on the links in the page but nothing happens!!! just a blank page. The info above says “or you can use Microsoft Media Player to view live TV via MMS streaming links listed here”

    I have WMP installed but clicking on the links does not seem to start the player automatically…nothing happens.

    Any tips please?

  10. Jamie Says:

    @Gareth, seems the MMS streams don’t work anymore, they did last year. I use Keyhole TV that works fine. If you have a buddy in Japan, you can ask him to use Veetle to stream whatever he is watching to you.

  11. gareth Says:

    Thanks for that Jamie. I do have kehole TV but as you know the quality is pretty bad with lots of dropouts, not to mention the extra small screen.

    I don’t mean to whinge, but has anyone noticed how pathetic the internet side of tv broadcasting is in Japan? Like, NHK is one of the most amazing broadcasters when it comes to their programs in Japan, but there is very little that can be watched online. Pathetic, really. US and Australian tv public broadcasters I’m familiar with have a website for each program they put on air which you can watch online in very good quality, sometimes HD. Very little of that in Japan it seems, including the commercial stations. If anyone has any info on good quality stuff one can watch online, I would really appreciate it.


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