Useful iPhone apps while in Japan

For those learning Japanese and living in Japan, there are many free or inepensve iPhone apps like you can download.  One free dictionary app based on the JMDict Project is the hefty (123MB) “Kotoba!”.

Besides English to Japanese, and Japanese to English, it also supports French, German and Russian.  The search function is fast and it comes with many examples that can be copied to the clipboard for further usage, such as Google searches or emailing. The biggest drawback is that it doesn’t have any voice features.

Another great app is the Talking Japanese Phrasebook (US $0.99) which comes in handy especially when you’re doing a specific activity and need a specific phrase or sentence  (like asking for directions). The app has an easy-to-use interface and phrases are divided into categories like accommodation, food and drink, shopping etc., and are narrated by a pre-recorded voice in Japanese.

Yubisashi Japan – The Original Point-and-Speak (English Edition) (U.S. $2.99). The Yubisashi series offers well-known travel handbooks in Japan that show dialogues in bubbles with cute illustrations, which is pretty handy for the purposes of pointing and speaking. The design is clean and it’s usually easy to hunt for the sentence or words to say. This iPhone app is a faithful migration of the book contents, with one strong function: now the dialogues are spoken for you by a synthesized Japanese voice.

“Decent” Japanese Travelling Communicator is another great app. Conversations in the app are categorized into places like train, traditional Japanese hotel, ramen shop, etc. Within each place, the possible dialogues and the corresponding responses are listed with recorded voice narration with some dialogues contain blanks for customization purpose, where the user can sketch the words (e.g. name of place, product, etc.) on the interactive notepad.  The interactive notepad can also serve as a place for sketching their answers, too.

source: Wideislandview

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3 Responses to “Useful iPhone apps while in Japan”

  1. trahn Says:

    these are really useful apps for living in Japan

  2. edison Says:

    the Japanese traveling communicator app looks really useful, gonna try it out

  3. haruka Says:

    visit the Japanese itunes store, there is so much apps available

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