Toto…the American band (not the Japanese toilet maker)…remember them?  Probably not if you were born in the 1990s and beyond.  Their big 1982 hit was called Africa. Anyway, they appeared on Japanese TV show SMAPxSMAP a few years ago singing with the SMAP boys.



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3 Responses to “Toto on SMAPxSMAP”

  1. Carlos Says:

    Didn’t Toto initially refuse to sing with SMAP coz they said the SMAP guys were butchering the song?

  2. Toto on SMAPxSMAP — leaping forward Says:

    [...] Toto on SMAPxSMAP [...]

  3. satoru Says:

    (Japanese online gossip source: Uraurageinou) It is rumoured that in the episode of SMAPXSMAP aired on 24th March 2008, special guests Toto (some American grammy award winning rock band I’ve never heard of until now) were rather exasperated by SMAP’s lousy singing skills. So exasperated, in fact, that Toto tried to “teach” them how to sing, and everybody on the set, including staff, were “frozen” in awkwardness.

    Apparently, Toto’s leader Steve Lukather commented that he was shocked by the low level of SMAP’s singing ability and even said that Toto could not sing with people like them. Other members of Toto tried to calm Steve Lukather down, but Angry Lukather singled out 2 members of SMAP and said that they had only been for voice lessons of a 30% standard. (pardon the awkwardness of this phrasing

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