Tokyo miniature videos created by Tilt Shift

Tilt-Shift is a technique that can make real-world life-size objects look like miniatures.  The technique of tilt-shift miniature faking makes the life-sized look like a miniature scale model and the process involves using Photoshop to fake a shallow depth of field and punching up the color saturation. The results are truly amazing.

Japanese photographer mockmoon has applied tilt-shft to a various Tokyo and Japan  scenery videos.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Tokyo Tower Miniature
YouTube Preview Image

Roppongi Hills Miniature
YouTube Preview Image

Ebisu Garden Place Tower
YouTube Preview Image

Mitsumineguchi Station, Saitama, Japan
YouTube Preview Image

photo source:

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3 Responses to “Tokyo miniature videos created by Tilt Shift”

  1. Keith Morrell Says:

    I love Tilt Shift videos and photography, especially of Japan :) . I want to take my own when I visit soon.

  2. O'poel Says:

    There’s another software that can replace Photoshop and it’s open source. the name is GIMP, it worth to try.

  3. Miczea Says:

    Awesome Collection I like this type of photo :) You can also check this article with Amazing tiltshift photos :)

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