Tokyo Metro Posters, Please Do it at home

Whether you live in Japan or are visiting for the first time, taking the subway trains you’ll see these big white and yellow Tokyo Metro Posters reminding people of common manners – “Please Do it at Home”





What other poster themes should Tokyo Metro be putting up? (See all the posters here)

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5 Responses to “Tokyo Metro Posters, Please Do it at home”

  1. 13thCinnamon Says:

    like this post very much. i wish we could get such kind of posters in our metro in Tbilisi, Georgia. very good idea. hope this will help people become more polite to others. if you don’t mind, i’d like to use those pictures at my blog.

    first time at your blog and like it. i like Japan very much. and one day hope to fly to Tokyo to explore this beautiful and interesting city.

  2. jerry Says:

    they should have one about oyaji leering at school girls

  3. what attracts women Says:

    Those are amazingly cool. They’re like works of art, and in fact I would frame them and put them on my wall.

  4. Campaña de bien común en el metro de Tokyo: “Por favor hacelo en tu casa” | InternalComms Says:

    [...] con la onda oriental de esta semana, en el blog JapanSugoi, cuya bajada es “Todo lo cool de Japón”, encontré una campaña genial sobre las [...]

  5. Zeke Says:

    Whoa are those people that seem to be watching everyone’s inappropriate behavior so attentively? lol

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