The Nitteligenic bikini idols push NFL merchandise in Japan

Nitteligenic ( terejenikku, an abbreviation of “Nippon TV” and “telegenic”) is an annual Japanese gravure bikini idol contest held by Japanese TV station NTV. The 2009 Nittelgenic 日テレジェニック2009 idol group consists of  Yui Koike 小池唯 , Yuko Shimizu 清水ゆう子, Misaki Yonemura 米村美咲, Yua Saito 齊藤夢愛 and Maya Koizumi 小泉麻耶.

Last year the group was helping promote Amercian Football NFL branded clothing and merchandise to a Japanese TV audience. This did this of course by doing what they do best, wearing their bikinis and smiling in front of the camera.

Football and Japanese bikini babes. Nice combination.

Nitteligenic gravure idols push NFL gear on TV

YouTube Preview Image

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7 Responses to “The Nitteligenic bikini idols push NFL merchandise in Japan”

  1. Imagi Says:

    from a sexy bikini into Amercian Football NFL. wow, the effect is so fantastic

  2. clayton Says:

    I bet those nitteligenic cuties were able top sell some NFL jerseys

  3. tonkatsu Says:

    Yuko Shimizu and Maya Koizumi are my faves

  4. The Envoy Says:


  5. argen Says:

    NFL games and Japanese girls – nice combo!

  6. greyson Says:

    Yuko Shimizu 清水ゆう子 is the best of the lot

  7. con Says:

    I love to watch them instead of the game

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