The maritan way to learn english まりたん集中ドリル

Mari-tan (tan being the alternative cute way of saying “chan” – like in the OS-tan post) is a pint-sized pink-haired girl who is part moé 萌え , lolicon ロリコン and tsundere ツンデ who hurls English expletives like a US marine!

The web comic follows the life of Maritan who is a Princess from the Magical Kingdom of Paris Island , which has signed a treaty of co-operation and friendship with the USA.

Maritan’s day job is as a Drill Instructor (modelled like the U.S. Marines) who trains new recruit Army-tan, under the supervision of Lieutanent Commander Navy-tan. There’s also GA-tan a meganekko メガネ attached from the Japanese Self Defence Forces.

A book Maritan Concentration Drills 魔法の海兵隊員ぴくせる☆まりたん.まりたん集中ドリル, (Magical Marine Pixel Maritan Focus Drills) was released last summer (see some sample (very NSFW) pages pictured below) showing Maritan using her excellent knowledge of US Marine vocabulary to teach Japanese readers about really crude English slang.

Later this month another book, Maritan Concentration Drills Special Supplementary Lessons and Compilation Drama CD & Visual Book “Maritan to Hanasou (Eng. Let’s Talk with Maritan) F・●・C・K!(provisional title)” will be released.

Although these books and CD look like a fun way to learn English slang and the web comic is really cute, the whole Maritan concept is really a parody of militarism.

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7 Responses to “The maritan way to learn english まりたん集中ドリル”

  1. akiba Says:

    Maritan is way too funny. Those Japanese are so crazy

  2. ota-san Says:

    most Americans talk like this?

  3. hoi lee Says:

    Maritan is very cute and funny. The should make anime from this

  4. JohtoKen Says:

    A little footnote: “GA-tan” is actually just “Jieitan” due to it being based off the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (also known in Japanese as the Rikujou Jieitai which is what Jieitan’s name comes from).

    Just wanted to point that out.

  5. Shirow666 Says:

    The English examples above are both taken from the movie Full Metal Jacket if I recall correctly.

  6. Claire Says:


    Just the USMC! :D

  7. len Says:

    very funny Mari-tan

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