The amazing Japanese art crew Rinpa Eshidan

Rinpa Eshidan is a Japanese art crew made up of made up of Noiz-Davi, Daisuke Yamamoto, D.H.Rosen, Akari Sasai and XOLA. “Rinpa” is a word created by the founders of the group meaning “to bring people together, while “Eshidan” essentially means “art crew.”

Rinpa Eshidan main activities are performing in live-art events and creating videos of art in action. Instead of focusing on the finished project they believe the process of creation itself is where art comes to life.

They live somewhere between a finished piece that hangs lifeless on a wall, and the hours of planning before a work is actually created. They live in time-lapse bedlam, creating what is best described as Action Art, stroke after stroke, right before the eyes of an audience that watches captivated.

Rinpa Eshidan’s style is called “art-in-process” and with every performance and professional video the team does features members frantically painting, drawing and sculpting, sometimes in 2D, sometimes in 3 dimensions, expanding on each other’s contributions to form something vivid, new and breathing.

Rinpa Eshidan Videos

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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4 Responses to “The amazing Japanese art crew Rinpa Eshidan”

  1. 77890 Says:

    Rinpa Eshidan ARE the crew. Incredible stuff

  2. jonas Says:

    I think they formed around 2005-2006 and started appearing on youtube videos in 2007

  3. lindsay Says:

    these guys are “true” artists – not in it for the money but for pure creation

  4. Kayan Says:

    Brilliant genuius they are

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