Stray Cats Rock Sex Hunter 1970 movie trailer

Cover image for Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter

Stray Cat Rock  is a series of Japanese exploitation B-movies, all with great titles such Delinquent Girl Boss, Wild Jumbo, Sex Hunter, Beat 71and Machine Animal.

Stray Cats Rock Sex Hunter (1970) Nora-nekko rokku: Sekkusu hanta is a classic Japanese girl gang flick, directed by the late sexploitation master Yasuharu Hasebe.  The movie stars cult film legend Meiko Kaji as Mako, the girl gang leader sporting the best hat in film history and wielding Molotov cocktails like a pro.  The movie attempts to address two real world issues at the time: the notorious Japanese penchant for racism and Japanese resentment concerning the post-war occupation of their country by American troops.

Mako’s all girl gang the Alleycats assists The Eagles, an all-male gang of typical young delinquents led by the cooler-than-thou Baron (Tatsuya Fuji) speeding around in army jeeps, hanging out in hip clubs, swindling cash from businessmen. Life is good and fun for the gangs until one of the Eagles loses his Alleycat girlfriend to an African-American/Japanese man.

Baron suddenly goes on a crusade against all the local “halfs,” mixed-race Japanese citizens. The trouble is: Mako has a soft spot for dark-skinned hunk Kazuma, a newly arrived Half who is searching for his long-lost sister. Sides will be chosen and rampage will be wrought in this full-on war of the sexes as Kaji’s Mako takes the opinion that sexual slavery and hunting mixed-race people are definitely not okay.

Music is important facet to Stray Cat Rock Sex Hunter and the popular music group The Golden Halves provides music in between the free form jazz music cues.  Note: The golden Halves were all mixed race girls.

Stray Cats Rock Sex Hunter movie trailer YouTube Preview Image

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2 Responses to “Stray Cats Rock Sex Hunter 1970 movie trailer”

  1. lisa Says:

    That’s girl power back in 70s. Now its gal gyaru power!

  2. ren Says:

    Kaji’s Mako is so stylish!

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