Sexy eihi shiina tokyo gore police

With the same creative team that produced The Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police 東京残酷警察, is the same type of flick starring Japanese fashioin model Eihi Shiina 椎名英姫 as Ruka. Eihi, 30, is from F ukuoka, Japan and got her first big break in 1995 working for Benetton, after which she represented Japan at the global Elite Model Look ’95.

In Tokyo Gore Police ( TGP)Ruka’s a young cop on a special unit designed to hunt down “engineers”. Engineers are some sort of mutants with a weird key-shaped gene that makes them go completely psychotic and murder anyone and everyone in their path. The only way to kill an engineer is to deliver a blow to them that cuts the key in half-any other injuries not only don’t kill them.  In this wacky future Japan, the police force has been privatized (which leads to all sorts of room for parody), and when Ruka’s not tracking down engineers (or slicing her wrists…) she’s seeking to find out who killed her father (a decorated cop assassinated in the line of duty).

Tokyo Gore Police Trailer

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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4 Responses to “Sexy eihi shiina tokyo gore police”

  1. chris Says:

    I actually like TGP better than Machine Girl coz it was less campy and more action

  2. lordsith Says:

    love Eihi Shiina’s police uniform in this flick.

  3. ken Says:

    these guys make great gore flicks

  4. Sempai Says:

    Good movie, lots of dead bodies everywhere

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