Miki Munemasa race queen and gravure idol photo shrine

Miki Munemasa 宗政美贵Miki Munemasa 宗政美贵

In the late 1990s and early 2000s one of Japan’s top and sexiest race queens was Miki Munemasa 宗政美贵.   The long legged Osaka born beauty with measurements  T166cm B84 cm, W59 cm H87 cm.  She debuted in 1999 as a Race Queen for Team Mario but soon went on to become the most popular ” Wongals or Wonderful Gals”  on late night Japanese TV show Wonderful (TBS).

Miki Munemasa 宗政美贵

M1.jpg   M2.jpg   M3.jpg   M4.jpg   M5.jpg   M7.jpg   M8.jpg   M11.jpg          M17.jpg   M19.jpg   M20.jpg  M21.jpg     M23.jpg   M24.jpg   M25.jpg  M31.jpg   M32.jpg   M34.jpg   M35.jpg   M37.jpg   M38.jpg   M39.jpg   M40.jpg  M41.jpg       nc_mikmun048.jpg   nc_mikmun049.jpg   nc_mikmun050.jpg   nc_mikmun045.jpg  nc_mikmun066.jpg     nc_mikmun068.jpg   nc_mikmun069.jpg   nc_mikmun070.jpg  10.jpg   11.jpg   12.jpg   13.jpg   16.jpg      28.jpg  ab10909.jpg  aM8.jpg  b1.jpg   b2.jpg   b3.jpg   b4.jpg   g2005102713i_b.jpg  IMG_1393.jpg   IMG_1799.jpg   IMG_1885.jpg  m5.jpg   m6.jpg   m7.jpg       mikimunemasa4.jpg         n5.jpg   n6.jpg   n9.jpg daiju-toko&miki01_2.jpg   toko&miki001_2003_3.jpg   toko&miki_2002_8.jpg     11.jpg
On that show she once confessed that she owned over 1,000 pieces of lingerie but that most were gifts from male admirers.  As popular as she was she left the show because of a quarrel with one of the other models Emi Yamamoto  but went straight into gravure modelling.   From 1999-2005 Miki appeared in 6 DVDs and 5 Photo books.
Miki Munemasa 宗政美贵Miki Munemasa 宗政美贵

Miki Munemasa 宗政美贵

Miki Munemasa 宗政美贵

Miki Munemasa Videos


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