Miho Yabe Japanese actress singer and gravure idol


Thirty three year old Miho Yabe 矢部美穂 is a sexy Japanese gravure idol, actress and J-pop idol singer from Hokkaido.  She debuted in 1992 as a model for Japanese magazine Momoco ももこ appearing in the New MOMOCO CLUB after she won a modeling competition.

Miho Yabe 矢部美穂 Miho Yabe 矢部美穂

yabe-miho-12323.jpg yabe-miho-12344.jpg yabe-miho-12324.jpg yabe-miho-12348.jpg yabe-miho-126704.jpg yabe-miho-20725.jpg

From 1994-2006 Miho, who is 156cm tall with bust 80 cm, waist: 58 cm, hips: 83 cm has released12 gravure idol DVDs and 10 photo books as well as appeared in TV commercials for Art NEICHA, Fujiya, Circle K and Sun Gaul.

yabe-miho-152935.jpg yabe-miho-152944.jpg yabe-miho-152945.jpgyabe-miho-152975.jpg yabe-miho-152976.jpgyabe-miho-152979.jpg yabe-miho-152982.jpg yabe-miho-152983.jpgyabe-miho-152984.jpg

Miho has appeared on numerous TV shows and variety shows including  Monday Mystery Theater (TBS) , Good People (FUJI), Couple Buster (NTV) and Oh Detective Bureau (TV Asahi), Hou no Niwa (Fuji TV),  Onsen e Iko! (TBS), Kenshui Nanako (TV Asahi), Super Jockey, Quiz, PS and last year she appeared on TV Tokyo’s Ariehen World ありえへん∞世界.  Miho also had her own “Sex in the City” type variety talk show on cable Channel Mondo 21.

yabe-miho-12329.jpg yabe-miho-12334.jpg yabe-miho-12335.jpg yabe-miho-12337.jpg yabe-miho-12340.jpgyabe-miho-37926.jpg yabe-miho-37928.jpg yabe-miho-12330.jpg yabe-miho-126700.jpg

Miho has appeared in 3 movies -  Fake Roppongi 六本木フェイク (1997), The secret tower of Babel – The movie ケータイ刑事 THE MOVIE バベルの塔の秘密~銭形姉妹への挑戦状 (2006) and 2009′s When They Cry ひぐらしのなく頃に.

yabe-miho-12326.jpg yabe-miho-12343.jpg yabe-miho-12346.jpg yabe-miho-12352.jpg yabe-miho-12354.jpg yabe-miho-12356.jpg yabe-miho-12358.jpg yabe-miho-20723.jpg yabe-miho-126701.jpg yabe-miho-126702.jpg yabe-miho-12333.jpg yabe-miho-126703.jpg yabe-miho-126705.jpgyabe-miho-153009.jpg yabe-miho-153014.jpg yabe-miho-153015.jpg yabe-miho-153016.jpgyabe-miho-153027.jpg yabe-miho-153028.jpg yabe-miho-153038.jpg yabe-miho-153040.jpg

As a Jpop singer Miho released 2 singles  SHYABON Dama (August 1996)  and  SURIRU (November 1996)  and one album Variety Kids  (September 1996).

yabe-miho-152995.jpg yabe-miho-152996.jpg

Miho has two sisters Mika Yabe (aka Mika Kawai) and Miki Yabe who are also gravure idols!   You can read more about Miho at her blog here.

Miho Yabe Videos

Miho Yabe sexy red on the balcony

Miho Yabe sexy pink

Miho Yabe sexy on stairs

Miho Yabe sexy shower

Miho Yabe in the garden

Miho Yabe white lingerie

Miho Yabe by the pool

black lingerie on bed

Miho Yabe rest on bed

Deep and Impact DVD 2006

Miho Yabe on TV show Super Jockey (massage)
YouTube Preview Image

Miho Yabe on TV show Super Jockey (hot water advertising)
YouTube Preview Image

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  1. James Says:

    Miho Yabe is still way sexy. James Jprobe

  2. dragonball Says:

    the last 2 vids, she is so young

  3. T Says:

    The pics are too small…

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