Maria Ozawa sexy t-shirts from Outerspace and Gawai

T-shirts look good on any hot japanese  girls and av idol Maria Ozawa 小澤マリア is no exception.  Last year collaborated with Taiwanese fashion brand Outer Space to produce a limited edition T-shirt which features Maria riding cowboy on one of Outer Space’s comic rockets.   These limited edition t-shirts sold out quickly as expected.

Maria Ozawa also collaborated with t-shirt maker Gawai for a similar limited edition “Japan g-girls private collection”.  Good luck finding this too though you might get lucky on ebay.

Fun Outerspace X Maria Ozawa behind the scenes video with Maria in Taiwan
YouTube Preview Image

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8 Responses to “Maria Ozawa sexy t-shirts from Outerspace and Gawai”

  1. attu Says:

    I love Maria Ozawa, where can I get these if her limited edition t-shirts are sold out already?

  2. dragonball Says:

    the Gawai shirts you can wear in public, the outerspace one only at home :)

  3. edison Says:

    are there any other designs? I like the outerspace rocket shirt

  4. rizoa Says:

    what if I want to buy it? What can I order online? where can I order it?..thx u

  5. joe Says:

    don’t let your girlfriend catch you wearing this LOL

  6. wong Says:

    Maria is very popular in Taiwan

  7. ps-aux Says:

    I don’t really care for Maria. i’d rather see Hikari Hino or Saki Otsuka t-shirt.

  8. jerry Says:

    @wong, Maria is popular in Hong Kong too

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