Maria Ozawa interview in English talks about her family and wanting to get married by 30

In this interview on Indonesian TV in English,  pretty JAV actress 25 year old Maria Ozawa 小澤マリア (known as Miyabi in Indonesia) talks about her comedy filming experience (Menculik Miyabi), visiting Bali 4 years ago, liking spicy food and Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice), wanting to get married by 30 (and meeting that someone by 28), having a simple wedding, childhood memories of family get-togethers in Canada at Christmas time and being closer to her dad (an English teacher) than her mother.

Maria also talked about her future wanting to (after her movie career) have a family and going back to being a “normal person”.

Maria Ozawa 小澤マリア interview in English from Indonesian TV.

YouTube Preview Image

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10 Responses to “Maria Ozawa interview in English talks about her family and wanting to get married by 30”

  1. Rob Says:

    Really good interview, first time I think she’s given an interview in English. Maria has a really cute accent when she speaks English

  2. Clayton Says:

    Maria, I’d like to meet you in person. Can you come up to Saga to meet me? Clayton

  3. Rene Says:

    How you can become a normal person after having a job like that??

  4. carl Says:

    She’s seems to pretty normal compared to the p*rn stars back in the states. A little naive perhaps but not the drugged out, extreme psychos with tattoos that the industry seems to attract

  5. Ernesto Says:

    Thank you, I was searching the web for a long time looking to see if Maria Ozawa had done an interview in English. She does have a cute voice too

  6. sir mix it up Says:

    Is her next mainstream movie a comedy or horror flick?

  7. Davidz Says:

    man she looks like my dream girl but i dont think i could be her man. not that i wouldnt want to but i dont think i could satisfy her in bed :(

  8. maijon_8 Says:

    Nice and good,thank you

  9. dude Says:

    for a japanese girl (half canadian/french) she is pretty fluent in english! but i can still hear a little bit of her japanese accent

  10. Mai Maria jon Says:

    i do :)

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