Jessica Michibata and sexy sisters appear on SMAPxSMAP

You’ve heard that good genes run in the family. Twenty five year old Japanese lingerie model Jessica Michibata 道端ジェシカ  has two sisters who are also models and are also  smoking hot! Older sister is Linda Karen (30) and a younger sister is Angelica Patricia (23)

All three gorgeous sisters appeared last September together  on Japanese television for the first time for variety show Bistro SMAP,  SMAPxSMAP.  The sexy sisters wore short, figure-hugging dresses that were just as tempting as the dishes being prepared in the kitchen.

SMAP frontman Masahiro Nakai, 37, sounded a little excited when he blurted out: “Just how long are those legs anyway?” He later wondered aloud where he could take the trio of beauties on a date, and Goro Inagaki, 35, chipped in, appealing to the ladies with: “I know a lot of good Italian places.”

Which Michibata sister would you like as your Japanese girlfriend?

Jessica, Linda and Angelica Michibata on SMAPxSMAP part 1

see the video here.

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6 Responses to “Jessica Michibata and sexy sisters appear on SMAPxSMAP”

  1. edison Says:

    I’d take any of Michibata sister please!

  2. clayton Says:

    Masahiro Nakai couldn’t stop eyeing them! They are super fetching in those dresses :)

  3. jun Says:

    All the sisters look “fun” in their own way

  4. steve Says:


  5. Tetsuo Says:

    The Michibata sisters are all babes

  6. ludwig J Says:

    I wish all girls would wear dresses like this all the time

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