Japanese TV Onsen show Motto Onsen ni Ikou is very popular


Relaxing at a Japanese onsen 温泉 (hot spring) is one of the pleasures of living in or visiting Japan.  Onsen’s  are a popular place especially in winter and there are many online guides available on the web like this one in English.


Reviews about onsen’s are also featured on TV.  Fuji TV’s  popular onsen ジテレビの温泉番組 show is called  “Lets go to the Onsen or  Onsen ni Ikou!”.   That program was so successful they decided to make an upgraded version called ” Let’s go to the onsen more! or Motto Onsen ni Ikou!” もっと温泉に行こう!



While nudity is not a big issue on Japanese TV, this onsen show by its very nature has the  charms of the onsen demonstrated by way of a female reporter’s nude bathing, visible below in some detail (which has made the show even MORE popular)


Fuji TV has also released  DVDs of the show called ” Let’s go to the onsen more!  (Motto Onsen ni Ikou!” もっと温泉に行こう!PREMIUM SEXY VERSION Vol 1 & 2 and a box set which you can purchase on Amazon Japan.


There are many segments about onsen on the various Japanese TV stations and the ones that feature pretty Japanese women always seem to be most popular.

Fuji TV’s Sexy Onsen TV show Motto Onsen ni Ikou

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

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4 Responses to “Japanese TV Onsen show Motto Onsen ni Ikou is very popular”

  1. noname Says:

    the music on these vids are so relaxing..especially the very first vid..^^

  2. tom Says:

    Makes me wanna go to an onsen right now!

  3. gavin Says:

    very relaxing to watch (even the hot babes)

  4. renaldo Says:

    OMG I’m moving to Japan

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