Japanese Suima automated baby crib

Suima automated baby cradle 電動ベビーベッドsuima(スイマ)

Japanese company March Development Corporation of Fukuoka has created an automated rocking baby crib for new parents who are tired of getting up every few hours to rock their baby back to sleep. The 420,000 Yen Suima 電動ベビーベッドsuima(スイマ)  which has the slogan”Happy Child Care Life”does the rocking for you.

The 946 × 619 × 885mm 60kg bed has a built-in sensor to detect specifically a baby’s cry and the bed automatically starts swaying left and right to a width of about10cm. At first the bed does quick-paced rocking, then slowly settles into the pace of the mother’s heartbeat and eventually, it rocks slower and slower to a more sleep-inducing pace. If all goes according to plan, the baby should be asleep again within 15 minutes.

Suima automated baby cradle 電動ベビーベッドsuima(スイマ)

The bed was made in collaboration with Kyushu University and is for babies aged 2 weeks to 10 months old.  If you’re in Japan, the bed can be purchased for 420,000 yen or rented for for 10,000 yen per month.

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2 Responses to “Japanese Suima automated baby crib”

  1. The Technology Matsuri - Dumb Otaku Says:

    [...] Sugoi Entry: Japanese Suima Automated Baby Crib Description: I am living in the wrong country to be lazy in. Japan seems to make some cool stuff [...]

  2. SailorSedna Says:

    This smells like a disaster waiting to happen. Babies cry because something is wrong; this machine is designed to just rock the baby when it starts crying so the parents don’t have to be bothered! What if the baby needs to be fed? Changed? Even taken to the hospital? The parents wouldn’t know because the machine rocks away all the cries! I can see this machine being linked to a rise in Japan’s infant mortality rate.

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