Japanese solar powered ionic toothbrush Soladey from Shiken KK

Japanese company Shiken KK 社名 株式会社シケン in Osaka is run by Dr. Yoshinori Nakagawa who created the world’s first solar powered ionic toothbrush “Soladey” ソラデー that doesn’t need any toothpaste.

The toothbrush easily removes plaque and cleans teeth by a simple electron reaction. When light is absorbed by the embedded solar panel, and you begin to brush your teeth, electrons are transmitted through the water to your teeth via the titanium oxide semiconductor. This reaction is not felt by you, but it makes the plaque unstable and easy to remove.

Soladey originates from the words ‘Solar’ and ‘Dental’ and was was first manufactured in the early 1980s and this light activated toothbrush is now used daily by millions of people in Japan.  This rod is the secret to Soladey. It’s made of a patented solar conducting material that allows light, by photoelectric activity, to be converted into a natural energy source which kills the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

The tootbrush is available for US$46 here.

Soladey CM in Japanese

Soladey CM in English

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