Japanese Salaryman 5 minute Wake Up and Go

Japanese salarymen have it tough. They may be expected to be at work at 8.30am and with many facing a crowded 1.5-2 hour commute by train, this means getting up early even if they had a late night of drinking with the boss the previous night.


Single Japanese salarymen who aren’t married or have nice Japanese girlfriends that make them breakfast, need to do everything themselves and some have perfected the art of the 5 minute wake up and go. Japanese comedian Tomonori Jinnai shows us on Japanese TV just how to get up, eat breakfast, get dressed and get ready for work in just five minutes.

Japanese Comedian Tomonori Jinnai 陣内智則
YouTube Preview Image

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5 Responses to “Japanese Salaryman 5 minute Wake Up and Go”

  1. grey Says:

    LOL he must have perfected that when he was married to Norika and she suspected he was fooling around and he needed to get out of the house asap

  2. tofu Says:

    he must have practiced that alot of times to get it under 5 mins

  3. zenmaster Says:

    the pre-made tie really helps cut out time LOL, the quick breakfast doesn’t look that appetizing though

  4. daznlover Says:

    I have some ready made ties also. Such a stress in the morning.
    Bummer, I never get it under 25 min. But I do take a shower. :)
    And I should try that way to spread the butter LOL. I guess that’s how japanese guys handle it.

  5. jimmy Says:

    the clip is down. can you repost it?

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