Japanese Pluto-kun plutonium is safe anime propaganda from mid 1990s


Following our posting of the Fukushima reactor crisis anime, we found this mid 1990s gem.  The now defunct Japanese  government research organization Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (PNC) 動力炉・核燃料開発事業団  (later reorganized into the Japan Atomic Energy Agency ( JAEA) 日本原子力研究開発機構, )  created an anime propaganda starring Little Mr. Pluto (or Pluto-kun プルトくん)  who wears a green helmet with a pair of antennae and the chemical symbol for plutonium, Pu.


In the propaganda, promising to “never be scary or dangerous,” Little Pluto-kun extolled the benefits of plutonium which the Japanese  government viewed as a fuel of the future for fast breeder reactor technology.


In the video Pluto-kun tries to convince younger Japanese that Plutonium is not so dangerous and debunks various fears about Plutonium, such as:

1. If bad guys dropped Plutonium into the ocean, it actually won’t dissolve into the water well and will just fall to the bottom.
2. If you drink Plutonium mixed with water, you’ll still be mostly fine since it will exit your body quickly.

As anyone familiar with the substance knows, Plutonium is, in fact, extremely dangerous, life threatening when consumed, and can be used to make nuclear weapons. The image character received harsh criticisms from international press and the video was quickly withdrawn.

YouTube Preview Image

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3 Responses to “Japanese Pluto-kun plutonium is safe anime propaganda from mid 1990s”

  1. gary Says:

    yeah, if TEPCO thinks plutonium is safe, they should be drinking the water and eating the food in Fukushima..

  2. Fumie Says:

    There is so much pro-nuclear power propaganda in Japan. This anime cartoon simplifies the dangers too much. I’m glad Pluto-kun was pulled before it brainwashed all the kids.

  3. Shige Says:

    Alot of govts are pushing for nuke power. Safe yes until some big accident like this. Let’s not forget that oil spills are common too and also wreck the environment

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