Japanese late night tv the miniskirt police video collection


Japanese Miniskirt police (minisuka police) ミニスカポリス was a legendary Japanese late night adult oriented cosplay variety show broadcast on TV Tokyo from July 10 1996 to November 9 2001.

The show initially featured sexy models wearing blue police uniforms and miniskirts who “arrested” men who had double-parked or jay-walked, etc. The sketch evolved into a typical late night TV show had become very popular by the late 1990s and was used as a stepping stone by many pretty Japanese women to enter the gravure idol world.




However, the show faced the same cancellation fate as many other late night TV shows in the early 2000s but later evolved into a direct-to-video concept. Though the show was taken off the air, the concept of the Miniskirt police has survived and the idol group is now in the 14th generation.  The miniskirt police are favorites of cosplayers and there are even Miniskirt police video and pachinko themed games.



More information about the miniskirt police can be found here, here and here.

Miniskirt Police Videos

Tamao Sato

Atsuko Kurusu ashtray bikini
YouTube Preview Image

Atsuko Kurusu mirror bikini
YouTube Preview Image

Kawori Manabe rides a bike

singing in Akihabara
YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

new generation promo
YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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10 Responses to “Japanese late night tv the miniskirt police video collection”

  1. jelllo Says:

    nice collection of miniskirt police stuff! I wish they would bring this back to regular TV and make the line up full of top grade gravure idols like Waka Inoue, Anri Sugihara etc.

  2. jake Says:

    where can I see the Miniskirt police singing idol group? Akihabara?

  3. clayton Says:

    I love their uniforms

  4. taro Says:

    minisuka police are the pride of japan, every other country wish they had the same :)

  5. edison Says:

    Japan has the best TV shows!

  6. jay Says:

    this HAS to be made into anime or has it already?

  7. d2d2 Says:

    you see maid and school girl cafes but not miniskirt police cafes in Akihabara…why?

  8. The Minisuka Police / Hot Japanese Girl Miniskirt Police | Hot Japan Girl Says:

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  9. andy Says:

    I never knew Miniskirt police were so popular? Why don’t they just bring back the TV show or make movies?

  10. bill Says:

    Any chance someone could send some youtube/other vid links of my favorite Kaori Ohara from miniskirt police, or from any of her TV appearances? Looks like the files posted here have been removed/deleted. Thanks, Bill.

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