Jackie Chan in Japan on Bistro SMAP


Bistro SMAP is a regular portion of SMAP’s weekly one-hour variety TV show, SMAPXSMAP  (Fuji TV) which is one of Japan’s top rated variety shows.  SMAP leader Nakai Masahiro plays maître d’ of the bistro, while the other four members divide up into two chef teams and compete to impress the palettes of different famous guests each week.


On Bistro SMAP there is no menu and guests order whatever they want. Using the best ingredients, with techniques taught by professional chefs, Kimura Takuya, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Inagaki Goro and  Katori Shingo cook while Nakai chats with guests.

In the end, the guest chooses the winning team, rewards them with either a gift or a kiss on the cheek (if the guest is a woman). That’s why the Bistro Chef hats have ‘Kiss marks’ on the side.

In this segment from SMAPxSMAP, famous kung fu actor and funnyman Jackie Chan when he was last in Japan (sorry no English subs but ok if you understand Cantonese!)

http://www.dailymotion.com/videox63mab http://www.dailymotion.com/videox63mba

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One Response to “Jackie Chan in Japan on Bistro SMAP”

  1. mieko Says:

    Jackie Chan is so popular in Japan

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