How to talk and act like a Japanese girl

So, you’re a Japanophile, a gaijin learning Japanese, watching anime and secretly viewing all the hot Japanese gravure idols on the internet but the problem is your girlfriend isn’t Japanese. What can you do? Well if she wants to please you, you could steer her to the fun videos from ThatJapaneseGirl that would show her how to talk and act like a typical Japanese girl by learning how to say “kawaii”, “sugoi” and “oishi” and how to carry a handbag Japanese style!

Saying Sugoi and Kawaii and clapping hands
YouTube Preview Image

How to carry your purse, knees together, V sign say “yay”
YouTube Preview Image

Saying Oishi
YouTube Preview Image

Saying ii-yo
YouTube Preview Image

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5 Responses to “How to talk and act like a Japanese girl”

  1. zone Says:

    Very funny! Dun think I can get my g/f to talk and act like that :)

  2. will Says:

    Dang, she’s so cute, I’d like a Japanese girlfriend like her? What’s her real name?

  3. sweetokinawa Says:

    she has a huge following on her youtube channel

  4. Avi Says:

    realy cool videos, uh i think Japanese girls are realy cute. Wish i could meet one but I don’t think there is where i live.

  5. Poet Says:

    Thank you for the videos… I really like japanese ladies and I have to japanese female friends… and I am in love with one… but I am in love with one (Im 25 and she is 41) if she returns to japan if her visa expires… I’ll go with her

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