Hello Kitty Money to be used in Asakusa Japan

It was just a matter of time but between Jan 23 2010 and March 14 2010 , if you’ re in the Asakusa 浅草 shopping and tourist part of Tokyo you can use real Hello Kitty Money at 500 participating shops.  Asakusa is known as the “traditional” part of Tokyo with the Sensoji temple 浅草寺 and old style shops that draw in the tourists local and foreign.


The Hello Kitty Money is more of  marketing gimmick than a real local currency but if you’re interested in using them or just collecting them, you can start ordering them (5  x 1,000 Yen notes or 10 x 500 Yen coins) for 4,750 Yen at the sanrio website.  Order today as only 30,000 1,000 Yen notes and 30,000 500 Yen coins will be issued (payment by credit card only).

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4 Responses to “Hello Kitty Money to be used in Asakusa Japan”

  1. edison Says:

    Hello Kitty coins to buy Hello Kitty trinkets, must be aimed at kids and OLs

  2. taro Says:

    I’ve seen hello kitty credit cards so this is no surprise, the only surprise is Japan has not adopted Hello Kitty money to replace the yen :P

  3. Crissy Mendoza Says:

    This is the kind of money that I will never use for spending. Super kawaii! :-)

  4. tonkatsu Says:

    watch them counterfeit this in China LOL

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