Gekkou Kamen, Moonlight Mask the first Japanese TV superhero 1958

Gekkou Kamen or Gekko Kamen, 月光仮面, or Moonlight Mask is the first Japanese TV superhero created by writer Kōhan Kawauchi 川内 康範, in 1958.   Gekko Kamen  dressed in white tights, white & red cape, white scarf, yellow gloves & boots, dark glasses, face cloth and Indian-style turban (pinned with a “moon” ornament) was  armed with a whip, two six-shooters, shuriken and moon-shaped boomerangs and is always seen riding his motorbike.

About 130 episodes were aired with  Jūrō Iwai – Moonlight Mask played by Ose Koichi 大瀬康一.  There were also 6 movies made between 1958 and 1959 and a Gekko Kamen Manga was produced.

In 1972  a 31 episode anime series Seigi wo Ai Suru Mono – Gekkō Kamen 正義を愛する者 – 月光仮面 was produced followed by 1981 movie followed by the 1999 gag anime We Know You, Moonlight Mask-kun! ごぞんじ!月光仮面く.

See more photos of Classic Gekkou Kamen here and here

Gekko Kamen TV 1958


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