Eri Momoka pitches “Tequila Ball” Jello Shots in Japan

Pretty Ageha fashion model and entrepreneur Eri Momoka is the face of  “Tequila Balls” テキーラボール a type of  “jello shot”  that was created at the Tokyo Kabukicho bar “NASUKA”  in 2008.  Tequila balls are 20% alcohol and contain 1/3 of a shot glass worth of tequila each and currently available in orange, blueberry, yogurt, cassis and strawberry.

NASUKA’s main patrons are hosts and hostesses who like the Tequila Balls but one  regular who happened to be a model for the massively popular cabaret style fashion magazine, Koakuma Ageha wrote about the Tequila balls on her blog which brought a sudden surge in interest from around Japan.

NASUKA then started the Tequila balls to other local cabaret and host clubs and  eventually had to branch out into a production and mail order service that sells the items starting from 2,205 Yen for a set of 10.

By November 2009, NASUKA had sold over 300,000 units of Tequila Balls and popularity of the the drinks continues to rise.

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One Response to “Eri Momoka pitches “Tequila Ball” Jello Shots in Japan”

  1. lordsith Says:

    Kinda like Jello shots but with tequila instead of vodka. Eri-chan is cute

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