Cola Lotion for adults

Not sure how the Coca Cola thinks about this but Cola Lotion is a sticky Japanese lubricant/ lotion with a rich cola scent that is is edible and suitable for massage or lubrication.  The 500ml Cola Lotion costs about 700 Yen and features a scantily clad anime babe wearing an American flag bra.   The bottle clearly says not for consumption and has the tag line “Pleasure and Exciting.”  If cola is not your flavor, there is another “green tea” version call Oi-Lotion.

Source: Tokyobling

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3 Responses to “Cola Lotion for adults”

  1. lordsith Says:

    this is too clever, i like the cola lotion logo

  2. shingo Says:

    this is not an April fools, they really got this in Japan, saw it myself at the Don Quijote ドン キホーテ store in Roppongi

  3. The Cynical Traveller Says:

    Personally, I’m holding off for Bovril flavour.

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