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Eating sushi in Tsukiji

Tokyo’s world famous Tsukiji seafood and wholesale market is also a great place to eat the freshest sushi and sashimi.  In the market and nearby are many small counter top sushi places to grab a quick bite.  In fact, even at 7am these places are full (and don’t be surprised to see drunk gaijin who have stayed up all night having a sushi breakfast in these little joints).

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The Street Sliders classic 80s Jrock

Formed in 1980, The Street Sliders ザ・ストリート・スライダーズ were a classic Japanese rock and roll band whose sound and style were compared the to Rolling Stones.   The band consisted of Harry (vocals/guitar),  Ran Maru 蘭丸 (guitar/vocals), James (bass) and Zuzu (drums).  The band released 23 singles and 16 albums from 1980-2000 when they split up.

Tokyo Junk
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Ready To Go / HARRY
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Boys Jump the Midnight
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Stone Roses in Japan 1989 and 1995

The Stone Roses were a Manchester UK band in the late eights and early nineties once hailed as one of the best bands in the world. The band consisted of John Squire (guitar) and Ian Brown (vocals) drummer Reni (Alan John Wren), and bassist Pete Garner (later replaced by Mani)

The Stone Roses played in Japan, firstly in Tokyo October 1989 at the  Kani Hoken Hall and later again in September 1995  Club Citta in Kawaaski.

Elephant Stone PV
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Elephant Stone Kani Hoken Hall Tokyo 1989 (audio only)
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