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Japanese women take up golf

Over the last few years, playing golf  has become quite fashionable especially among Japanese women in the twenties and the thirties.  Due to an increase in income, Japanese women have money and time to themselves to indulge in a traditionally male and expensive  sport (approximately US$150 for one round) in Japan.  Many young Japanese women professional golf players such as  Miyazoto Ai, Sakura Miyazoto and Ueda Momoko have contributed to make the sport look glamorous by their fancy appearance including makeup and fashion.

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Posted on Thursday, March 8th, 2012
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LIL single Watching You featuring WISE

LIL リル is a Jpop dance duo comprising of Tsuge ツゲ  (DJ and programmer) and Uchio (Yushio) ユシオ  (vocals)  who formed in 2005.   They have released 9 singles including their first mini album LIPS in LUSH which was number 1 on the Japanese Itunes chart last year. Takagaki

Their first commercial single Watching You featuring WISE will be used in a TV commercial for KDDI Au and features pretty Japanese AneCan magazine model Reiko Takagaki 高 垣麗子.   Watching you and their other singles such as Metro-L, Carnival and Black Wall will be on their first album Synchronize to be released on Feb 9th.

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Posted on Monday, February 7th, 2011
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Moe Oshikiri policewoman cosplay in Harajuku

Pretty Japanese fashion model and TV celebrity Moe Oshikiri 押切もえ was spotted earlier this summer in policewoman cosplay in the Harajuku district of Tokyo.   The 30 year old AneCan magazine model wore a fitting black blazer, hip hugging skirt with heels and a cute police lady hat to complete her transformation as she was chosen as an honorary police station caption for a day for the Tokyo Metropolitan police.

Moe-chan’s appointment as honorary police captain was to increase awareness of traffic accidents in the area. The beautiful Moe-chan was put on traffic directing duty for a bit before posing with Japanese police mascot Piipo-kun and the mandatory salute pose for the media.

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Posted on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
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Yuri Ebihara Ebi-chan got married

There was a collective sigh by all the male fans of pretty Japanese fashion model Yuri Ebihara 蛯原 友里, (Anecan and CanCam) on hearing the news that she married a member of  Jpop group RIP Slyme, Ilmari (イルマリ)  real name  Keisuke Ogihara  荻原イルマリ恵介.

Ebihara and Ilmari had been seeing each other for a year before tying the knot in secrecy. Sources say the pair submitted their marriage registration earlier this year at a ward office in Tokyo and soon after began living together in a condo.  The celebrity couple have plans to hold a ceremony in a Paris church on June 16 in front of 50 friends and relatives.

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Posted on Saturday, May 15th, 2010
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Reiko Takagaki Nissin TVCM

Pretty 30 year old AneCan  fashion model Reiko Takagaki 高垣麗子 recently filmed a TV commercial for Nissan Light Cup Noodles.  The model who recently married former Japanese Olympic gold medal speed skater Hiroyasu Shimizu, had a sexy shoot with body paint being applied to her back.

Reiko Takagaki 高垣麗子

Reiko who has measurements B81 W58 H84 has also appeared in other fashion magazines such as JJ, More, Classy and EF.

Reiko Takagaki 高垣麗子

Reiko Takagaki 高垣麗子

Reiko Takagaki videos

Reiko Takagaki Nissin TVCM
YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Anecan photo shoot
YouTube Preview Image

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Posted on Friday, April 16th, 2010
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Moe Oshikiri, top Japanese fashion model

Moe Oshikiri 押切もえ is a pretty 30 year old Japanese fashion model from Chiba prefecture best known for her appearances in fashion magazines AneCan and its sister magazine CanCam.

She is also a designer  having starting her own Kimono line branded under her name, as well as a hosiery line with CanCam model Yuri Ebihara called f*ing modesto.

She started her modeling during high school for Popteen magazine  and also became a star dokusha model for Egg magazine. After graduating from Popteen she tried to change her gyaru image and began modeling for ViVi magazine and CanCam magazine.

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Posted on Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
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Yuri Ebihara, top Japanese fashion model and kawaii princess

Yuri Ebihara 蛯原 友里 is a 30 year old top Japanese model and actress from Miyazaki prefecture known as “ebi-chan”. She is a graduate of Kyushu Sangyo University, where she studied fine arts but became an exclusive fashion model for popular Japanese girls magazine CanCam.

She has since appeared in several TV dramas, Busu no Hitomi ni Koi shiteru (KTV, 2006) and “Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi” (tv asahi, 2007).  She also works as a model for advertising campaigns including Zespri, MacDonalds, Shiseido and  Fujifilm FinePix.

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Posted on Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
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Japan’s top fashion models and magazines

Yuri EibiharaEmi Suzuki

Moe OshikiriYu Yamada

Rika TomitaSayo Aizawa 相沢紗世

Nozmoi SasakiMeisa Kuroki 黒木メイサ

Lena Fujii 藤井リナMaki Nishiyama 西山茉希

Alisa Urahama 浦浜 アリサJessica Michibata

Karina Nose 能瀬香里奈,Naoko Tokuzawa 徳澤直子

Becoming a gorgeous Japanese fashion magazine model is a dream for many young fashionable Japanese women. There are many fashion magazines in Japan catering to each style of fashion (street fashion, gyaru, high fashion etc) and every demographic group (teen, mid 20s, mid 30s, mid 40s etc).

Top fashion magazines include CanCam, ViVi, Classy, Ray, JJ, Glamours,  AneCan, With, Spur, Ginza, Popteen, Seventeen, Pinky, NonNo,  Egg!, Cawaii! Spring, Fudge, Mini, Smart etc are on sale along with hundreds of other titles at every book stand and fashion shows like the Tokyo Girls Collection regularly outsell Jpop concerts at large stadium venues.

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Posted on Sunday, October 28th, 2007
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